About Us

The Managing Director, Mr. EMAD ABUZAID with experience and membership of various associations is very much a guiding factor. Being one of the leading Travel & Tour companies in B2B, we are always at the service of our valued associates and customers in providing the most professional and personalized services. 
With its rich experience in the organization explores newer destinations for the ever growing tourism industry. With years of providing the best travel services, our experts can match the perfect vacation to suit your budget and dedicated to the best hospitality worldwide. Because of all this and a lot more, no wonder that we have often been referred as the finest source for all your travel needs. As a consolidator of Domestic and International Airlines.

LISAMIN TRAVELS &TOURISM. Is a professionally managed company, possessing extensive knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in conceptualizing and execution of events, tour packages, group tours, business/ trade delegations and business seminars with a difference, both in Sudan and across the world. We have put together various teams to help you through everything that you might ever need right from the ticketing to paperwork.

We are always putting our client in focus and our keywords in everything are Creativity, Quality, Know How and Value for Money. Lisamin Travels a 24/7 operation that works around the clock, around the world, to fulfil our customer's travel needs and wants.

We will guarantee dependable service, structured operational process, a variety of products all combined with LISAMIN assurance of value for money. We are an organization of international reputation, integrity and financial stability.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions while adapting to changes through constant improvement to our service, based on a proactive approach to meet the requirements of our valued business partners.

We also bring to the table our deep understanding of the major challenges faced by the sector and endeavour to address these with a combination of our business acumen and technological know-how. In doing so, we help our partners to better serve their clients and give them access to industry-best rates, thereby empowering them with a strong competitive edge.
Why Connect with B2B Travel Agent?
B2B Travel Agency provides a number of automated services to give our partners real-time information about the best net and published airfares to any destination around the world. We also offer a number of exclusive, attractively-priced travel products for agencies and operators, allowing them to quickly respond to changing market needs and preferences.

Our Mission

LISAMIN travels seeks to manage the travel requirements of your company and add value to your travel spend. We tend to focus on the customers’ requirements to come up with effective strategies for meeting their demands in an efficient manner. Our mission is to offer corporate travel solutions and become the biggest travel agency in Sudan.

Our Vision

LISAMIN travels seeks to enhance the corporate management tools to improve the service while reducing your travel costs. We manage almost every type of travel needs, from simplest to the complex, and create an unparalleled experience that our customers could rely on. We aim to maintain our vision of high class travel services at reasonable prices through consistent leadership, controlled growth and excellent commitment.

Our Service

Professional customer oriented consultation providing hassle free travel. Email capabilities for convenience and prompt booking and information. Creative but persistent approach to search for the most appropriate travel arrangements and identifying the best possible value. Our travel consultants are friendly, professional, and experienced in accommodating both the seasoned traveler and those new to the world of travel.

Our History

LISAMIN Travel Agency was originally established in 2007 in Khartoum (Lisamin Hotel) as operated agency. Mr. Emad Abuzaid The owner moved the agency to a location in Khartoum Alamarat in 2011. From 2015 Till to date we stability in Albrlman Street. LISAMIN Travel became a well-known entity in Khartoum. The agency expanded its business to include not only corporate business, but also all the Sudan, providing the Company with an international presence. Increasing its service offerings, LISAMIN Travel added an airline ticketing facility, cruise and tour counseling, and individual customized travel planning. All of this was done with personalized service, consistently a key element in Lisamin’s approach to travel arrangements.

Our Partners